Thank You

I’ve decided to close this blog to focus on some other writing projects, but I wanted to thank everyone for their support over the past year. Over 1300 views in 6 months time with folks from 39 different countries reading, commenting, and liking my words. I am forever grateful as this process of blogging has […]

We made it

The days flooded with lost, confusion, and hurt didn’t leave much hope for the new year. And yet here I am in 2013. I made it. New Years Eve has never been a time for me to enjoy. I always thought of it as amateur night with drunken fools galloping the streets. I strolled out […]


They get easier. The build up rather than the day itself brings more hurt. Christmas was no exception, but once with family on the actual day, all was good. The jolly holiday being much easier than Thanksgiving. Either way I made it. I survived. New Years Eve is just a few days away and there […]

Marriage, affairs, divorce

Surprised to hear of these services… Their tag line? Life is short, have an affair The second service Read about this detox service in the New York Times yesterday. Couldn’t help, but laugh that the body of the story was on the page right next to the wedding announcements. I seriously laughed for […]

Winter memory

Dark winter night peering in with a calling of come play Snow falling Plows scraping the road Blurry head lights creeping by No worries for us Home and fun Bundled tight with love Swooshing of our snowsuits Running through the drifts Pure laughs trickling through the wind and flakes The orange saucer Speed of Papa […]